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An Introduction

Hello K9 enthusiasts! I wanted to kick off our first Atlas Blog by introducing you to the Atlas Outfitters family, the journey we are on, and the toys we are making. My name is Eric, and with my wife, Jess, we Atlas Outfitters. Jess started this journey in 2016 with a little idea that we could make some collars and toys better than what was out in the dog training world. That is exactly what we have been doing.

Atlas is our Belgian Malinois and a big reason we were introduced in to the dog sport world. Back in 2014 we thought to ourselves "lets get a dog, like a really cool, really bad ass dog". We did some research (not enough might I add), stumbled upon the Belgian Malinois, and found what a cool breed they are! Although not for the faint of heart I will say that. We got Atlas and quickly found we needed to get him in to something that challenged him physically, mentally, and a sport that brought out what the breed was intended for. Enter French Ringsport! We have truly enjoyed the sport world and the community around it.

This really brought our attention to the tools of the trade in the dog training world and how hard the dogs are on these toys. It brings out the best in your dog when you have the right toy for them and the time you share together. No matter if you are in ringsport, dock diving, dog training or just a dog loving human trying to enhance their bond with their furry friend, having a toy that you can rely on and that your dog loves is essential to growing that bond. We have found a lot of that bond forms when playing tug with our two mals. Our fire hose tug is our way of giving you the opportunity to play with your dog. The fire hose tug is not a chew toy and that's important because the focus is on human and dog engagement. It's meant to be thrown for your dog and when they return with it, happy to show it off, you give them some tug-o-war style love!

This is just a little glimpse in to our story and the tugs that we are very proud to offer to you and your pup. We will be posting more in the near future, topics to include DOCK DIVING 101, FRENCH RING WORLD, THE LIFE OF A DECOY, REWARDING YOUR DOG, and a whole lot more.

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